CareTrack Named in Atlanta’s Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies

Technology Association of Georgia announces most innovative companies in Atlanta ATLANTA and CARROLLTON, Ga. (March 24, 2021) – CareTrack, a fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension, is proud to announce that it was named in the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies from the Technology Association of Georgia. TAG’S Top 40 Awards recognize Georgia-based technology companies […]

CareTrack Recognized as One of Atlanta’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Pacesetter Award given to Atlanta’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies ATLANTA and CARROLLTON, Ga. (Mar 24, 2021) – CareTrack, a fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension, is proud to announce that it was named one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing companies by the “Atlanta Business Chronicle’s” 2021 Pacesetter Awards. The 26th Annual Pacesetter Awards recognize […]

Bob and Mary Part 3 – Telecare Appointment

At their last primary care visit, Dr. Darcy told Medicare patients Bob and Mary about a new service called Telecare. Dr. Darcy recommended they enroll in Telecare to assist them with the out-of-office management of their chronic diseases. Telecare also keeps Dr. Darcy informed about their conditions between scheduled appointments.  Before the next appointment, the […]

CareTrack’s Telecare Helps Practices Increase Medicare Reimbursements by $350,000

CareTrack’s Telecare solution is an integrated services model designed to support practices by driving better utilization, quality measures, & practice profits CareTrack’s Telecare solution significantly outperformed national averages for Medicare utilization in 2020. Currently, one-third of Medicare patients’ hospital readmissions are related to patient non-adherence to care plans, and the average practice utilization for available […]

Bob and Mary Part 2: A Day in the Life of ‘Remote Rhonda,’ a CareTrack Care Team Coordinator

Bob and Mary Part 1 explained the different needs for Bob, a critical Medicare patient, and Mary, a chronic-but-stable Medicare patient. It can be just as challenging for practices to physically manage the Marys as it is the Bobs, in addition to the Medicare reimbursement management. CareTrack’s continuous care model supports chronic-but-stable Medicare “Mary” patients […]

Meet Bob and Mary Part 1

Bob and Mary are long-time Medicare patients and have been with the practice for years. You know about their children and grandchildren. They are now mid-70’s retirees whose health is starting to decline. Bob has faced significant health issues for years and has been in and out of the hospital. Your team is intensively involved […]

40 Reasons Why You NEED a Telecare Program in 2021

Implementing a telecare program for your elderly, chronic but stable, patients provides significant benefits to your practice ranging from the additional resource support that reduces your workload while simultaneously (and significantly) increasing your Medicare reimbursement. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have documented an additional 40 benefits for your patients, staff, and practice […]

Keeping Physicians Connected

CareTrack’s Telecare helps Physicians Improve Care forChronically Ill with No Additional Resources New remote healthcare solution facilitates continuous care coordination betweenphysicians, patients, and extended care teams for better Medicare outcomes ATLANTA and CARROLLTON, Ga. (Dec. 15, 2020) – CareTrack is proud to announce the launch of their Telecare platform that keeps physicians connected to continuously […]

Fireside Chat with CareTrack Co-Founder, President & CEO

Andrew Mills explains CareTrack’s Telecare and its important role in today’s healthcare environment. As a result of the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, Telehealth’s growth has greatly increased, and the service is now common practice nationwide. Telecare completes the necessary transformation of healthcare. As a result of CareTrack’s Telecare, practice and patient needs will not fall short of telecare’s […]

CareTrack’s Medicare Pain Self-Assessment

10 Questions to Determine if You Need to Extend Your Medicare Model CareTrack’s Medicare Pain Self-Assessment identifies potential gaps in Medicare models. If you answer “yes” to two or more of the questions below, your practice may have a gap in how you’re managing Out-of-Office Medicare patients. Has your practice questioned whether to continue accepting […]