At their last primary care visit, Dr. Darcy told Medicare patients Bob and Mary about a new service called Telecare. Dr. Darcy recommended they enroll in Telecare to assist them with the out-of-office management of their chronic diseases. Telecare also keeps Dr. Darcy informed about their conditions between scheduled appointments. 

Before the next appointment, the service team calls to help prepare Bob and Mary for the doctor’s appointment and explains the Telecare service.

Bob has the next scheduled appointment, and Mary also attends. Dr. Darcy explains the managed Telecare program and how it helps patients maintain stability. Bob also receives a personalized care plan that includes detailed instructions for each of his conditions. After learning about the available options, Bob and Mary agree that this additional support would be beneficial. They understand that the Telecare team will follow up with Medicare-specific information, schedule details, explain the monitoring devices and finalize their enrollment.

The next day, Bob and Mary receive a call from Rhonda, who introduces herself as a Telecare Coordinator that works with Dr. Darcy. She interviews each of them about their health history, reviews the Medicare co-pays and answers all of their questions about how the service will work and the instructions from Dr. Darcy. Additionally, Rhonda makes sure to understand Bob and Mary’s personal preferences and ensures they each have the remote team’s contact information.

Dr. Darcy’s office is excited to hear about Bob and Mary’s official enrollment in CareTrack’s Telecare. The coordination process allows the remote team to provide support between office visits without burdening their staff. The 24/7 Telecare line immediately becomes available to patients. Dr. Darcy updates Mary’s care plan that CareTrack sends to Mary. The team will immediately begin monitoring the couple, ensuring their vitals are taken regularly and meeting the thresholds defined by Dr. Darcy. 

The Telecare team: 

Bob and Mary’s care plans are updated consistently so that every member of their Care Team stays connected. 

Learn how CareTrack’s Telecare Team can ensure continuous care of your Medicare patients today while benefiting your practice staff and revenue, at no cost to the medical practice.

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