Our Story

CareTrack’s inception in 2015 marked the collaboration of three visionary minds who had previously joined forces to drive innovation in electronic healthcare records (EHRs). Following a successful sale of a previous company, this dynamic trio identified a fresh opportunity to streamline chronic care management, leading to the birth of CCM Navigator.

As the journey progressed, the company transformed into CareTrack, broadening its solutions beyond chronic care management to Remote Patient Monitoring and Preventative Care Support. Today, CareTrack offers a suite of EHR-integrated remote healthcare solutions, providing continuous care to benefit Medicare patients. CareTrack offers 24/7 support transcending the confines of traditional medical offices, resulting in improved patient outcomes and uninterrupted care.

Since its establishment, CareTrack has experienced remarkable growth with a dedicated team of ~50 employees and a new headquarters building. In 2020 and 2024, it earned recognition with two Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetters Awards, and in 2023, it secured a coveted spot at Venture Atlanta. CareTrack also forged a partnership with Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by Sharecare and continues to pursue other meaningful collaborations.


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