Andrew Mills, Co-founder & CEO

Andrew Mills

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Andrew Mills is the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of CareTrack. Among his responsibilities, Andrew leads the company’s growth initiatives and guides strategic planning. Andrew is committed to improving, expanding and growing the quality of care for patients nationwide. Under his leadership, CareTrack has created an efficient, effective and patient-centric organization that benefits both the medical practice and the patient. Andrew has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, including multiple startups and sales and marketing business management roles. Before founding CareTrack, Andrew managed business units in the telecommunications, finance, software and healthcare industries. Additionally, he established the Sales Operations Department at Greenway Health and pioneered the Demand Generation Department.

Derek Skinner

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board & CTO

As Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board, Derek Skinner is responsible for the research, development, and quality assurance of all products and services offered by CareTrack. As Chairman of the Board, he provides guidance and direction for the company to succeed and grow. Derek has more than 25 years of experience in design, architecture, implementation and support systems. Prior to founding CareTrack, Derek worked as a Development Director and Architect for Greenway Health for more than 25 years. During his tenure at Greenway, Derek grew several software products from vision to execution, including Electronic Health Records, Medical Accounts Receivables and related interfacing systems.

Susan Tice

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

As Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Susan Tice is responsible for service, human resources and care team management for CareTrack. With more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, she has overseen all facets of medical practice management, practice expansion and several design-build projects. In 1999, Susan joined Greenway Health as its 25th employee. She is an inventor named on two patents for Greenway (US7716072 and US8781853). Most recently, she served as Director of Customer Support for Greenway, where she helped grow the support team from 12 employees to more than 100 employees.

Andy Skinner

Senior Vice President of Operations

As VP of Operations, Andy Skinner oversees CareTrack’s operational growth and end-to-end delivery of its patient adherence platform, services and solutions along with the growth and strategy of the company’s operations. With experience working throughout the healthcare industry, Andy is skilled in customer service, sales, management, software documentation, healthcare management and training. Prior to joining CareTrack, Andy worked as a Senior Member of the Customer Support team at Greenway to run the department in an efficient and profitable manner along with increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Jackie McGuinn

Vice President of Product & Marketing

As VP of Product & Marketing, Jackie McGuinn shapes CareTrack’s product strategy, defines launch scopes, and crafts go-to-market strategies for our latest innovations. Additionally, she leverages her extensive 15+ years of experience closely tracking macro healthcare trends to bring a deep understanding of the provider market to our team. Jackie’s expertise extends to healthcare and global marketing strategy, honed through her tenure at GHX and Greenway Health, where she successfully launched multiple products to address crucial market needs, highlighting her track record of strategic product launches. Her valuable insights drive our efforts to optimize existing offerings for increased efficiency and revenue at CareTrack.

Kevin Tice

Vice President of Product Development

VP of Product Development Kevin Tice has diverse work experience, spanning various roles and industries. He is responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle, driving innovation, and managing a team. Prior to CareTrack, Kevin held positions as Vice President of Technology and Director of Software Engineering – Insights. Kevin’s vast healthcare experience includes various roles at Greenway Medical Technologies and Tanner Health System. Kevin studied both Computer Engineering at West Virginia University and Computer Science at the University of West Georgia. 

Greg Swayne

Operations SME

CareTrack Operations SME Greg Swayne is a seasoned C-level executive and entrepreneur with deep experience in content, technology, software and services. Previously, he served as COO of MDLIVE and Chairman and President of AirSage. Prior to AirSage, he was the Chairman and CEO of Remark Media (NASDAQ: MARK), formerly HowStuffWorks International, expanding the popular website and producing rapid growth. Greg is also an equity owner and development partner for Sharecare, a social Q&A healthcare platform. Previously, he was President and COO of HowStuffWorks US. Greg was also part of the Series A embedded management team that led N2 Broadband prior to its acquisition by Tandberg Television in 2005. Greg has been a pioneer in e-health since its infancy when he co-founded A.D.A.M. and took the healthcare software to the NASDAQ exchange in 1995.

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