Advanced Telecare platform allows medical practices to best serve their elderly patients

CARROLLTON, Ga. (April 13, 2021) – CareTrack is excited to announce that its fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension continuously monitors all Medicare patients, regardless of their medical status or health issues. In the midst of a pandemic, it has been difficult for medical practices to care for all patients efficiently. CareTrack’s Telecare allows physicians to stay connected and updated on their Medicare patients in-between appointments, thereby extending care to chronic but stable patients along with critical patients. 

CareTrack is personifying the experience to explain better the role Telecare plays for both the practice and its patients by introducing fictional patients, Bob and Mary, and their Care Team Coordinator at CareTrack, Remote Rhonda. Bob and Mary illustrate how CareTrack’s Telecare program provides significant benefits to practices, including additional resource support that reduces workload and significantly increases Medicare reimbursement. Links to those examples can be located on the CareTrack blog (it can also be found on CareTrack’s website).

“CareTrack has developed a tool that provides medical practices with the ability to care for all of their Medicare patients in the most effective way. Because these concepts can be hard to grasp, we introduced sample patients Bob and Mary,” said CareTrack Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Mills. “In today’s climate, many practices have been tremendously busy caring for all of their patients in the best manner. CareTrack’s team provides the relief that so many practices seek and deserve while saving practices’ time and money.” 

Mills continued, “We are already seeing that physicians and practice managers better relate to the Bob, Mary and Remote Rhonda stories to help demonstrate how we help in these unprecedented times in healthcare.”

Medical practices are typically overwhelmed and place much of their effort and time towards critical patients. As a result, many chronic but stable patients are often overlooked without the patient or the practice even realizing that health issues are surfacing. CareTrack ensures that physicians, practices, and care teams work together seamlessly so all Medicare patients adhere to their care plans, regardless of their current condition.

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About CareTrack Health, Inc.

CareTrack is a fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension. The solution provides continuous out-of-office care coordination, empowering patients to take greater control of their conditions while simultaneously enabling practices to give targeted support to their Medicare patients between appointments. CareTrack’s AI-powered solution processes information from the patient’s existing EHR and generates a customized care plan which benefits all parties involved by improving clinical outcomes, closing patient adherence gaps, reducing ER visits, and preventing hospitalizations. For more information, please visit or call 800-835-1140.

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