CareTrack’s Telecare helps Physicians Improve Care for
Chronically Ill with No Additional Resources

New remote healthcare solution facilitates continuous care coordination between
physicians, patients, and extended care teams for better Medicare outcomes

ATLANTA and CARROLLTON, Ga. (Dec. 15, 2020) – CareTrack is proud to announce the launch of their Telecare platform that keeps physicians connected to continuously monitor Medicare patients. As the pandemic worsens, physician practices are overtaxed and stretched to the limit. CareTrack’s Telecare ensures that physicians, patients, staff, practices, and care teams work from the same playbook and keep patients healthier by adhering to their care plans. This service particularly helps monitor elderly chronic but stable patients 24X7 while increasing providers’ incremental revenues through additional Medicare reimbursement.

“EHR isn’t designed to support continuous care outside the physician’s office. For that reason, we’ve heard through the years from physicians and medical practices managers their desire to have a platform that continuously monitors elderly patients who are chronically ill,” said Co-Founder & CEO of CareTrack Andrew Mills. “In this unprecedented year, physicians and patients can be thankful for the peace of mind the CareTrack TeleCare platform provides. Medicare patients face a constant burden of keeping up with their chronic conditions. CareTrack is the solution.”

The TeleCare solution for primary care practices and Medicare-eligible patients offers:
● An easily implemented solution integrated with most EHRs seamlessly and doesn’t require extensive training by physicians, staff, or the patients using the platform
● Provides round the clock care while increasing incremental revenue for a primary care practice. Since Medicare covers the cost of the platform, the practice pays nothing out of pocket while at the same time reducing strain on the physician’s office.
● Dynamic Care Planning centralizes care-planning for the patient’s physician, staff, and extended care teams to support better collaboration by ensuring everyone works from the same playbook.
● Holistic Care Monitoring is Integrated with EHR to simplify the care coordination, orders, instructions, scheduling, compliance, and alerts workflows for physicians and staff to ensure the latest patient health change information is at the physician’s fingertips.
● TeleCare Alerting Workflow includes a dashboard that monitors and triages patient updates to alert when they are out of compliance with the physician-defined thresholds set according to the personalized patient’s care plan.
● Appointment & Care Coordination extends the practice’s out-of-office continuous care capabilities without additional staff work by uploading the care plan before an appointment, as well as sharing with the patient.
● Quality & Billing Reporting utilizes an EHR-integrated, data-driven system to offer built-in medical reimbursement and quality measure reporting.
● Additional Benefits include optimizing patient compliance, simplifying quality metrics management, driving annual wellness visits scheduling, streamlining virtual visit workflows, improving transitional care, and providing significant increases in reimbursement for practices.

CareTrack is headquartered in Carrollton, Ga. For more information about CareTrack, please visit

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CareTrack is a fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension. The solution provides continuous out-of-office care coordination, empowering patients to take greater control of their conditions while simultaneously enabling practices to give targeted support to their Medicare patients between appointments. CareTrack’s AI-powered solution processes information from the patient’s existing EHR and generates a customized care plan which benefits all parties involved by improving clinical outcomes, closing patient adherence gaps, reducing ER visits, and preventing hospitalizations. For more information, please visit or call 800-835-1140.

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