Patient Adherence solution facilitates continuous care coordination between physicians, patients and extended care teams for better patient outcomes

CARROLLTON, Ga. (Feb. 17, 2022) – CareTrack Health, a patient adherence system that enables physicians to monitor patients in-between appointments, benefits primary care medical practices despite Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule changes. The patient adherence system enhances patient satisfaction, saves Medicare dollars, helps primary care practices increase revenue and efficiency, and, most importantly, improves the lives of the Medicare patients who entrust doctors with their care every day.

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule provides substantial payment increases for Medicare Out-of-office Care Management Services effective January 1, 2022. For example, the reimbursement for the CPT Code 99490 increased on average from $42 to $64, representing a 51 percent increase.

This new policy means that a practice enrolling 300 eligible Medicare patients to CareTrack’s system has the potential to gross more than $225,000 in yearly revenue from CPT Code 99490 alone. This revenue stream helps offset the adverse financial effects of disruption and payment reductions that contribute to physician and practice staff burnout.

“Our team is working with our current and potential customers to provide them with the most updated rates that will, in turn, benefit the practice’s staff, overall revenue and, of course, their patients’ health,” said CareTrack Health Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Mills. “Based on our ROI and gap analysis, most medical practices lack the resources and capabilities required to implement a profitable, high-value patient adherence program, and CareTrack Health is the solution for practices to overcome this issue.”

CareTrack provides the ability for medical practices to identify and provide Medicare patients with a tailored, systematic care plan and adherence system that right-sizes the support outside of the office. The result is dramatically improved clinical outcomes. 

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About CareTrack Health

CareTrack Health is a fully integrated physician practice extension. The patient adherence system enables primary care physicians to monitor critically and chronically ill patient care plan adherence to proactively identify and escalate earlier interventions in-between appointments. CareTrack assists practices to prevent hospitalizations, close patient adherence gaps, improve quality measures, and drive more proactive screenings and services adoption. Patients are empowered to proactively manage conditions and assist the physician in identifying issues earlier. To learn more, please visit or call 800-835-1140.

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