Telecare solution benefitting practice and its Medicare population

CARROLLTON, Ga. & FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (August 18, 2021) – CareTrack Health, a fully integrated Telecare physician practice extension, partnered with White-Wilson Medical Center to benefit the practice’s Medicare population. CareTrack’s adherence system enables primary care physicians to monitor patient’s care plan out of office while empowering patients to proactively identify potential issues. The CareTrack Telecare platform was implemented last year and physician practices have benefited from the continuous patient support that provides relief to the practice’s staff and provides flexible monitoring depending on the patient’s health status. In addition to making patients happier, the Whire-Wilson Medical Center has already realized $2.3 million in new revenue in additional Medicare reimbursements and anticipates to exceed $4 million in additional reimbursements this year. 

Dr. Brown’s case study covers many advantages of implementing CareTrack including a high-level overview of the company, benefits he has witnessed first-hand for both patients and providers, how practices can implement this system and more. The conclusion of the study illustrates that CareTrack plays an important role for practices to help keep both “critical” and “chronic but stable” patients healthy.

“In medicine, the healthcare providers are the most credible people when it comes to determining what works for their practice, so we are so thankful for Dr. Brown’s testimonial on our work,” said CareTrack Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Mills. “Our team appreciates the validation from the White-Wilson staff that the Telecare platform benefits the practice in a variety of ways. It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to improve the outcomes of the practice’s Medicare patients by continuously monitoring their health changes outside of the office.”

While CareTrack does assist physician practices realize additional revenue streams, it’s focus is to provide additional out of office support for Medicare patients. In addition to 24/7 patient support, CareTrack’s team makes prescription refills and orders easy, provides continuous reminders on patients’ lifestyle modifications, frequently monitors patients’ chronic conditions and relieves the practice’s staff. 

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About CareTrack Health, Inc.

CareTrack’s adherence system enables primary care physicians to monitor critically and chronically ill Medicare patient’s care plan adherence to proactively identify and escalate earlier interventions in-between appointments. CareTrack assists practices in preventing hospitalizations, closing patient’s adherence gaps, improving quality measures, and driving more proactive screenings and services adoption. For more information, please visit or call 800-835-1140.

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