In medicine, there is no one that is more credible than healthcare providers themselves. One of our customers began utilizing CareTrack’s Telecare in 2020. In 2020, TeleCare generated $2.3M in additional Medicare Reimbursements and is anticipated to exceed $4M in 2021. 

Explore Dr. Brown’s case study below that he shared at a recent industry conference to gain insight into what CareTrack Health can do for your practice. Dr. Brown of White-Wilson Medical Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida explains the benefits in implementing CareTrack Health’s Telecare service and how it can greatly improve your practice and your Medicare patients in a variety of ways. 

Dear WWMC providers,

Since 2016, WWMC has partnered with a company called CareTrack Health to provide Chronic Care Management Services (CCM) to our eligible patients. CareTrack Health has partnered with WWMC for other initiatives as well. Unfortunately, many providers are unfamiliar with CCM, and we have recently identified ways to improve our implementation of CCM with CareTrack Health. 

Therefore, I want to give you this high-level information on the purpose of CCM and CareTrack Health. 

Chronic Care Management (CCM) with CareTrack Health

What is it?

Why is this good for patients? CareTrack Health provides key benefits including:

Why is this good for providers?

How are patients enrolled in this? (this is an update to our previous protocol, so please read closely)

How do providers implement this for patients outside of the appointment setting?

How will CCM notes be conveyed to providers?

Bottom Line:

Thank you, 

Dr. Gil Brown III

White-Wilson Medical Center

Fort Walton Beach, FL

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