10 Questions to Determine if You Need to Extend Your Medicare Model

CareTrack’s Medicare Pain Self-Assessment identifies potential gaps in Medicare models. If you answer “yes” to two or more of the questions below, your practice may have a gap in how you’re managing Out-of-Office Medicare patients.

  1. Has your practice questioned whether to continue accepting Medicare due to your physicians’ frustrations with the workload, revenues, and per patient profitability within your Medicare practice?
  2. Do your doctors feel that providing out-of-office care to chronic Medicare patients is challenging, resource-intensive, and time-consuming considering the available reimbursement?
  3. Is the COVID pandemic negatively impacting practice revenue? If so, are you looking for additional revenue streams?
  4. Do you have an Out-of-Office care program for all your eligible Medicare patients, or do you only have the resources to focus on your most critically ill patients?  Are you concerned that today’s chronic patients might become tomorrow’s critical patients? 
  5. Do you receive unexpected surprises when your stable chronically ill patients present at the ER between scheduled appointments?
  6. Do you currently provide continuous outpatient remote monitoring of vitals?  For example – if you have a Medicare patient with diabetes or a heart condition, are you tracking their blood pressure and glucose readings? 
  7. Do you have an early warning systematic approach that alerts the physician if vitals are outside established thresholds?
  8. Are you able to easily schedule Annual Wellness Visits for your Medicare population? Or do you have to chase patients to get them on the schedule?
  9. Do you provide each of your chronic Medicare patients with a personalized care plan specific to their conditions, including patient plans for each condition? Do they include the latest updates in one place that are understandable, easy to read, and make it so they can assist in self-managing their conditions?
  10. Does your practice feel burdened in managing and reporting quality measures? Do you have a specialized workflow each month to collect the data and build the reporting? Have you been able to implement any recent programs that have significantly improved your scores?

If you answered “yes” to multiple of the problems above, your practice is not alone. Click here to see how to empower patient care and extend your practice’s Medicare model by enabling TeleCare.

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