Telehealth’s growth has been fueled by the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, and the service is now common practice nationwide. Telecare completes the necessary transformation of healthcare. However, successful telecare will need to be defined by the attributes that CareTrack’s TeleCare deploys or today’s broken system for managing out of office care will remain unresolved. As a result of CareTrack, practice and patient needs will not fall short of telecare’s promise and opportunity. 

So, what is needed to ensure telecare’s success long-term?

Key Attributes of CareTrack’s TeleCare initiative include:                               

With the tangible systemic improvements mentioned, CareTrack provides projected benefits include optimizing patient adherence, simplifying quality metrics managed, driving annual wellness visits scheduling, streamlining virtual visit workflows, improving transitional care and providing significant increases in Medicare reimbursement for practices.

To schedule an appointment to discuss CareTrack’s telecare and how it can make a difference for your practice, please contact (800) 835-1140.

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