CareTrack provides a Telecare practice extension for out-of-office care monitoring and coordination to support physician practices in continuously managing their Medicare patients in between appointments.

CareTrack empowers elderly patients in managing their conditions while supporting practices in preventing hospitalizations, closing patient’s adherence gaps, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing ER visits.

"Managing Medicare patients is painful."

Insufficient Self-management

Patients with chronic disease struggle to self-manage their extensive medical needs.


Not Enough Time
Per Patient​

Physicians feel that there is not enough time for chronic patients.


Patient nonadherence is responsible for 33% of elderly hospital admissions.

Our diagnosis of the problem is that the EHR wasn’t designed to support continuous care outside of the office

  • Multi-conditional elderly patients account for 90% of the U.S. Healthcare costs and 97% of Medicare costs
  • The current Medicare reimbursement model for multiple chronic conditional care is overwhelming to physician practices and patients. RPM, CCM, AWV, G0506; these services have very low penetration rates nationally - less than ~10%.
  • Physicians, staff, and practices are frustrated and feel overwhelmed due to the demands in supporting these patients to keep them stable and out of the hospital.
  • Without an automated system, practices cannot continuously manage all of their elderly chronic patients in-between appointments as the process is too manual, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and expensive.

How We Change the Rules of Patient Engagement


Empowering patients with a customized plan and effective continuous care support to enhance their well-being in between office visits and provide greater peace of mind.


Enabling physicians to assess patient progress, adherence, and real-time health changes with continuous monitoring to provide the latest patient information at their fingertips.


Extending practices’ ability to support their patients who have multiple conditions using a fully integrated EHR system, complete with built-in medical reimbursement and quality measure reporting.

Dynamic Care
Quality & Billing

Benefits for Physician Practices

  • Manages Patient Population between appointments, to proactively catch potential issues to prevent hospitalizations, close patient adherence gaps, and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Coordinates continuous care around a plan that enables physicians, staff, practice, and care team members to work from the same playbook.
  • Ensures monitoring and patient adherence with dynamic
  • Provides an early warning system if the patient’s vitals are outside of established thresholds.
  • Extends your practice’s out-of-office continuous care capabilities without additional work for your staff.
  • Integrates with your EHR to ensure patients records, compliance documentation, and billing updated.
  • Improves patient care and reduces ER visits and hospital admittance.
  • Reimburses from Medicare at much higher per-patient rates as Medicare supports these additional billing codes for RPM, CCM, AWV, and G0506
  • Changes the economics for practices as implementing a Telecare program can double the take-home pay for physicians without increasing the workload.

Additional Benefits Include

Optimizing patient adherence, simplifying quality metrics management, driving annual wellness visits, streamlining virtual visit workflows, improving transitional care, and providing significant increases in reimbursement for practices.


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