What is Telecare?

Telecare is a dynamic, comprehensive, continuous patient care coordination model for Medicare. The system facilitates communication between physicians, their practices, and their patients to ensure better care, more compliance, lower hospitalization rates and improved health outcomes. It includes:

CareTrack’s Telecare Solution?

CareTrack is a fully integrated, remote health care solution that facilitates coordination of care between physicians, practices, and patients. Through the extraction of information from the patient’s existing EHR, CareTrack develops a customized care plan that benefits all parties involved by resulting in better quality measures and health outcomes. CareTrack enables continuous remote monitoring and care for elderly or chronically ill patients by serving as a hub that brings together the numerous components of telecare to work as a single system.

For Physicians Practices
For Patients

Dynamic Care Planning

Holistic Care Monitoring

Telecare Alerting Workflow

Appointment & Care Coordination

Quality & Billing Reporting