Healthcare provider partners with remote care solution

WICHITA, Kan. (May 2, 2024) CareTrack, a remote out-of-office healthcare solution provider, is proud to announce its successful partnership with House Call Medical Services (HCMS) to improve the care of its patient population. 

Since the partnership in late 2023, CareTrack has helped HCMS deliver better patient care while improving efficiency overall to focus on value-added benefits through significant time savings. CareTrack has reduced HCMS’s phone call volume by at least 10 percent during the initial implementation, and the team is confident that it will continue to improve.

“Implementation has gone much smoother than expected, and we look forward to continuing to evolve this partnership,” HCMS Practice Manager Marci Bacon said. “CareTrack helps us improve patient adherence to care plans enhancing the overall care for our home-bound patients with chronic illnesses while relieving our team on the front lines.”

CareTrack offers many benefits for HCMS through chronic care management (CCM) including deep electronic health record (EHR) system integration, customer-centric approach, time savings for staff, improved patient satisfaction and increased profitability. 

“Our care team and House Call Medical have made great strides and continue to optimize our partnership to keep patients healthier while alleviating staff workload,” CareTrack Senior Vice President of Operations Andy Skinner said. “HCMS clearly cares about providing the best care available to its patient population, and we are proud to be a partner.”

CareTrack and HCMS will work together to offer remote patient monitoring (RPM).

HCMS is a comprehensive health care clinic providing personalized care in an individual home setting rather than a medical office. HCMS provides prompt, cost effective healthcare to individuals having difficulty leaving their home through their house calls or telehealth (telemedicine) service.  

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