Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) supports a value-based care program with a comprehensive, proactive approach to provide remote care for patients with chronic conditions.  

RPM provides health data through devices to help assess a patient’s well-being. CareTrack’s technology seamlessly integrates this data into the existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) to help providers obtain trends of vitals over time. The consumption of this data helps providers make more informed decisions, proactively care for patients and better tailor individualized care plans.  

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, RPM devices gained popularity. That momentum has continued as patients adapted to telehealth along with out-of-office care technologies and offerings. 

This healthcare emphasis has resulted in user-friendly products that are pre-configured for immediate use including: 

Devices can be conveniently ordered directly from the EHR and promptly delivered to the patient’s location. Our team maintains regular contact with patients to ensure that vital signs are measured accurately, providing the most precise readings possible.  

From our experience, RPM is an effective way for patients with chronic conditions, especially when combined with Chronic Care Management (CCM) or Principal Care Management (PCM). Our team has noticed that RPM makes patients more aware of their health to be more active in their care, improving patient adherence. 

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