The holidays are a stressful and busy time for us all. Healthcare providers continue to work tirelessly, and many individuals–especially seniors–often have increased social isolation and loneliness during this season, commonly known as the “holiday blues.”

The holidays affect healthcare, particularly providers. Like their patients, healthcare providers often experience the stress that the holidays can bring. Providers have the usual responsibilities to their patients, amplified with the cold and flu season that can lead to dwindling staffing while impacting the health of patients. 

Paired with seasonal illnesses, injuries are increased during the holidays due to falls, decoration-related incidents, motor vehicle accidents, cooking-related wounds and more. In 2020, the National Safety Council estimated nearly 6,000 medical injuries on Thanksgiving, nearly 40,000 during Christmas and more than 46,000 for New Year’s. The total number of accidents during these three holidays totaled 145,000.

During this time, many healthcare providers may take time off creating a heavier workload for remaining staff. Providers can avoid “holiday blues” and burnout by: 

Additionally, many patients without nearby family and friends may suffer from the “holiday blues” caused by an increase in social isolation. CareTrack’s Care Team keeps periodic communication with patients to help them follow their care plans and remain adherent. As a result, many of these elderly patients can discuss any mental health struggles they may have as well.  

Our Holiday Gift: 

CareTrack’s offerings allow for providers to have an out-of-office team to support them through the hectic holiday season, while providing constant access to care and communication with patients. We work to support practices to keep both patients and staff healthy and offer more time for providers to spend time with their loved ones during this season.  

We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season ahead!

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