Our Primary Care practice clients are feeling the overwhelming effects of COVID-19, especially with their “@ risk” Medicare-eligible patients. No one wants to endanger their health with office visits. The telehealth appointment model has limitations as there are only so many patients that your staff can “see” in a day.

Remote patient monitoring is a possible solution for bridging these appointments and managing a greater number of patients at the same time; however, the volume of alerts and notifications creates its own problem for your practice. Now that CMS has lowered the restrictions on remote patient monitoring for Medicare patients with only one chronic condition, the volume of patients to monitor will increase exponentially.

How do you manage the volume of noise—of patient vitals and data, while also providing proactive patient support for the foreseeable future? How do you manage the schedule of appointments or triage the volume of patients? Imagine how much simpler it would be if you could set custom filters to alert you specifically for those most in need.

More Than Remote Monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring is much more than just a device – it is a turnkey service that includes critical monitoring and emergency response services. CCM Navigator also has created a specific package for COVID 19 that includes attachments for blood pressure monitor, thermometer, as well as a pulse oximeter or glucometer.

We monitor based upon your specific guidelines for each patient and alert your staff if they fall outside of your specified range. This will significantly reduce the volume of non-urgent alerts, which will reduce the overhead on your staff. We can also assist your patients in setting up the devices so the patients that need a little extra support will be comfortable.

How We Can Help Make Things Easier on Your Practice

At CCM Navigator, we want to help you keep your most “@ risk” patients proactively monitored while also helping your practice meet the challenges of maintaining workflow and reimbursement revenues. We have been working diligently to help our current practices, and health systems expand to 100% adoption of our suite of remote COVID-19 support services. These services include remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, annual wellness visit scheduling, and G0506 (comprehensive care plan) automation. Not only does our suite of services ensure continuity of care for each of these patients, it also streamlines and simplifies the provider’s workflow in managing patient care remotely.

This suite of services is an excellent complement to your remote patient telehealth “visits” and enables you to expand your patient load while ensuring that your practice is maintaining your Medicare billables. Our telecare team is available to provide support for care management, scheduling, and other services for your patients to help you manage the additional patient call volumes. All of this makes it possible for medical professionals to support and care for patients with compassion in a time when in-person visits might not be viable or safe.

CCM Navigator’s Clinical Managed Services is helping Small Practices, and Large Practices alike, improve patient care and increase revenues. CCM Navigator’s Turnkey solution is proving to be the solution that so many Primary Care Physicians have been searching for.

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