CCM Navigator helps physicians and practices improve patient care and increase revenues by providing care coordination services for Medicare patients with two or more chronic diseases. Our turnkey solution allows practices to realize immediate revenue without the costs, setup and headaches of administering another program. Our enhanced care coordination will improve patient health, and reduce the gaps in care.


It is our goal to help prevent small health issues from developing into full-blown health crises. Our team of Certified Care Coordinators are dedicated to help patients experience better health and reduce costly emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and other major medical episodes.


Primary care providers are being asked to implement costly healthcare models. Cost stem from the additional personnel, technology, and quality improvement measures without the financial benefit to pay for it. CCM Navigator makes chronic care management beneficial for both patient and provider. CCM Navigator provides the components that would be costly to develop in house including: the infrastructure to manage qualifying medical beneficiaries, technology and CCM service delivery. We believe that primary-care medicine is vital in coordinating patient health care, helping choose the right specialists, and is the key to good medical treatment.