Improving Patient Out-of-Office Adherence

The key challenge for most providers is how to help patients stay adherent when they leave the office and need to maintain their routines at home. CareTrack augments your in-office care with an at-home Point-of-Care solution using a systematic yet tailored approach. Patients receive the care they need on a regular basis (daily, monthly, or quarterly) while physicians and their staff focus on the high-intensity care needs of patients in the office.

Provider Maintains Control of the Care Plan

As the Physician, you control the interval or frequency that CareTrack follows your patients between office appointments.  You choose the frequency or ‘tracks’ (daily, monthly, or quarterly) for your patient’s care plan. The result is increased patient adherence to your care plans, improved Quality Measurements and simultaneously increasing Medicare reimbursement.

Reducing Surprises for Providers

CareTrack’s proactive system helps you avoid surprises and enhances your care plan’s effectiveness. CareTrack’s program is an early warning system that identifies trends and alerts you, allowing you to react and impact outcomes proactively. CareTrack helps identify the under-followed, under-tracked, and under-enrolled patients that otherwise may present you with unexpected health results. The practice, the practitioners, and the patient benefit from being better informed.

Improving Quality of Care by Increasing Consistency of Plan Adherence

CareTrack systemizes out-of-office care that reinforces and affirms the Consistency. Patients improve adherence with consistent out-of-office care. Consistency in quality comes from systemizing out-of-office care. Effective patient adherence comes from maximizing the use of both in-office and out-of-office resources effectively.

Fully Utilizing and Providing Greater Staff Support

CareTrack is your partner out of the office, ensuring that patient check-ins are regular yet minimizes in-office staff phone calls, paperwork, and other tasks. CareTrack helps transition your staff to do more high-value clinical tasks while we handle the day-to-day administrative and patient tracking tasks.